Miracle Body Butter

To enrich and nourish dry skin



Cucumber Splash Body Butter 2 oz


My body butter is a natural intensive all-over body butter. The main base of My Body Butter is Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, and Beeswax, which absorbs into the skin easily, helping to smooth and soften it. This natural homemade body butter is paraben and preservative free. My body butter will give your skin the nourishment it needs to eliminate, reduce and repair skin issues. With beeswax acting as a natural sealant, moisture is sealed inside to provide lasting hydration.


This delightful fragrance, Cucumber Splash is a mixture of cucumbers, bergamot, aloe, and grapefruit.

My Body Butter can be used all over for dry arms and legs, cracked heals and feet, over worked hands, and cuticles. It relieves itching and rough patches, leaving skin healthy.


I use all natural ingredients and a fragrance to provide you with a high quality product. Cheers!


Ingredients: Beeswax,, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, & Fragrance

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